CREAR STEM Learning Communities

Nurture closer connections through STEM learning communities. 



What is a CREAR STEM Learning Community?

CREAR STEM Learning Communities are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). These learning communities are specially designed for students from historically excluded groups in STEM (Ex. Latinx, African-American, Native, High Financial Need, First Generation, and Community College Transfer students). As a group, this small community of students is enrolled in 1-2 classes together during their first or second semester at the University of Arizona.

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Find Your People

Develop your academic community on campus through small cohorts.

Connect with Mentors

A peer educatior will lead you through essential resources to succeed in your STEM major.

Explore Societal Impacts

Experience your major through the lens of a United Nations sustainable goal.

Engage With Success Specialists

You will have access to specialists that will support you in your first semester.